Csekovszky Árpád Artistic Public Funds

After the death of Árpád Csekovszky, Munkácsy awarded ceramist and Artist of Merit the Local Council of the XVIIth district, Budapest established Csekovszky Árpád Artistic Public Funds in order to process the artist’s productive inheritance scholarly, to show and make it avaible for the public and for research work, in addition to administer the inheritance.

The Funds as a Highly Non-profit Funds consists of three supervisory board and seven advisory board members.

At the begininning of its work the Funds made an inventory of the more than 1,800 works of art, drawings and paintings.

The Csekovszky family supported by the Local Council of the XVIIth district reconstructed the Artist’s studio into a Gallery, where 320 pieces of his works are exhibited.

On the basis of the museum inventory the Funds published a book called Árpád Csekovszky, the ceramist’s collected works of art, in which all of his works are shown accompanied with studies edited by specialists.

As a result of the Fund’s work, additional publications were edited in order to popularize the artist and the Gallery, furthermore, exhibitions both in Hungary and abroad have been organized to show Mr Csekovszky’s works of art.

The gallery frequently takes part in various programmes, among which we can find craftwork activities for children as well as presentations, conferences and lectures for the art-lovers.

In 2008 the gallery was appointed to the rank of a museum institute in the public interest.

To accomplish all of its goals, the Funds is supported by sponsors and competitions while the resources to maintain the gallery is given by the Local Council of the XVIIth district.

Throughout the years the Funds have managed to keep Árpád Csekovszky’s inheritance even after the Master’s death a living and active exemplary cultural value for the succeeding generations.

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